Inter Matter has been developed to guide designers, architects and interior builders to make sustainable choices within their projects.

What makes a material truly sustainable?

Choosing sustainable materials is essential in sustainable interior design. We recognized this challenge and developed the innovative Inter Matter tool, a game-changer in interior design sustainability. It empowers non-specialists with effortless ecological assessments. Designed specifically for non-specialists, Inter Matter empowers you to ecodesign interiors with positive impact!

The circu leren team conducts the LCA assessment of materials, and each material is assigned a color label. Our intuitive six-color scale, ranging from Blue to Grey, offers a quick and easy sustainability indicator. Grey signifies materials to avoid at all costs, while blue represents best practice choices.

We also provide an extra label with more info about Eco cost and Co2 use in kg and m2 so you can measure your total impact of material,products and complete projects.

This LCA based tool is using data from Tu Delft and has already been used in many projects with Fiction Factory as an early adapter.


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